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          Early Careers

Via our team of dedicated Early Career recruiters, we manage volume recruitment campaigns, on-campus programmes and outsourced screening and selection processes for undergraduate and internship programmes.  We are particularly adept with the creation of diverse early-career pipelines - school leaver insight, 1st year female discovery days/weeks and inclusive summer internships. Our pipeline-building services include training (technical and soft skills) by market-leading providers, coaching, mentoring and keep-warm programmes. Our aim is to equip diverse candidates with all the tools, skills and confidence to compete effectively in the early talent applicant pool.


Case Study

  • One of the largest Japanese financial institutions in the world

  • Graduate and intern recruitment (c45 hires annually) across 8 business divisions including Risk, Sustainability, ECM, Global Markets - in London and Frankfurt with emphasis on diverse candidates and a mandated 50:50 gender balanced intake.

  • Marketing and advertising at 25 UK/EMEA universities

  • Screening and pipeline management - 1500 applications

  • First round virtual interviews by our experienced early careers team

     Process Managment

  • Design of 8 bespoke assessment centre formats

  • Compilation of gender-balanced shortlists of 6 for each centre

  • Coaching diverse candidates for an internship programme to ensure an ‘even playing field’ for all candidates

  • Seamless pivot to all-virtual assessment centres in 2020 (COVID)

  • Assessment centre briefings for hiring managers and interviewers

Gender balanced, inclusive

  • Offer rate of 1 in 3 candidates per assessment centre

  • Keep warm programme pending offer extension

  • Feedback to all unsuccessful candidates

  • Replacement of any drop-out candidates pre programme (maintaining gender balance)

  • Repeat programme since 2018 with increased hiring targets annually.

Early Careers
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