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Portfolio Companies

 Success hinges on hiring strong operational leaders and teams.  

Getting the right team in place has never been more critical to deliver against the next chapter of the portfolio journey.  

Having worked with a range of sponsors, both pre and post deal, we are well placed to identify and attract the professionals our clients need to maximise the commercial potential of their investments.  Our significant experience working with both financial sponsors and existing leadership teams allows us to understand the people and skill sets required to lead turnaround, transformation or high growth delivery in order to meet investor expectations.  

We typically support portfolio businesses through sponsor relationships, and we intimately understand the commercial drivers behind these hires. 


Board and C-Suite 

Corporate Development 


Finance and Tax 

Legal and Compliance 


HR and Business Support



Chairman and Board,


C-Suite and Partner 


Heads of Department 


“Wilkinson Partners have worked alongside myself and my investment team during the acquisitions process of four portfolio companies. The stand out example for me was during our Bank acquisition when they supported me with the appointment of our CEO, Board members and complex regulatory professionals. The quality of hires made have no doubt helped us drive better performance and growth within the Bank and various businesses.”


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