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 Recruitment Solutions

We offer hybrid recruitment solutions for private equity and smaller sell-side organisations with limited or stretched HR teams - start-ups, overseas firms wishing to establish a UK/EMEA presence, scale-ups, and projects. Typically a mixture of on-site (or dedicated virtual) recruitment coordination, bespoke consulting around recruitment strategy and off-site candidate sourcing by our experienced team of search professionals and researchers. These solutions allow firms to both manage and contain search costs, go directly to market/build brand - and manage the process as if it were ‘in house’.

Case Study

  • Young London-based Growth Equity Firm wishing to scale from 20 staff to 30 in 6 months, to support the launch of 3rd fund.  An additional challenge of no brand collateral or company website available.

  • No HR function - CEO mandated.

  • 10 hires required - from Legal, Valuations and Finance to Investment, IR and Data Science.

  • Sourced from top-tier target firms globally (USA, Europe and UK) as identified by hiring managers/CEO

  • Produced market maps for specific roles (IR and Corp Comms) in Growth PE

  • Cold-called, shortlisted and pre-screened candidates against hiring manager criteria

  • Placed recruitment coordinator on-site to manage the process and set up ATS


  • 2 Partner level hires from top-tier global PE firms

  • 3 Associates across Investments, Valuations and Strategy. 

  • VP Legal and VP Recruiter 

  • Data Science Lead from a major Hedge Fund

  • TIme to hire -  4 months

  • Cost savings of direct sourcing vs use of specialist head hunters - c60%

Recruitment Soluions
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