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Recruitment Solutions & Early Careers

We offer hybrid recruitment solutions for private equity and smaller sell-side organisations with limited or stretched HR teams - start-ups, overseas firms wishing to establish a UK/EMEA presence, scale-ups, and projects. Typically a mixture of on-site (or dedicated virtual) recruitment coordination, bespoke consulting around recruitment strategy and off-site candidate sourcing by our experienced team of search professionals and researchers. These solutions allow firms to both manage and contain search costs, go directly to market/build brand - and manage the process as if it were ‘in house’.

Via our team of dedicated Early Career recruiters, we manage volume recruitment campaigns, on-campus programmes and outsourced screening and selection processes for undergraduate and internship programmes.  We are particularly adept with the creation of diverse early-career pipelines - school leaver insight,1st year female discovery days/weeks and inclusive summer internships. Our pipeline-building services include training (technical and soft skills) by market-leading providers, coaching, mentoring and keep-warm programmes. Our aim is to equip diverse candidates with all the tools, skills and confidence to compete effectively in the early talent applicant pool.

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