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Edition 2023

We're excited to be sharing our first Investment Professionals edition of the Global 100 Series.

Our Global 100 series provides real, unique market insights which aims to shine a light on the otherwise opaque world of investment recruitment.

Using data from international markets, the report analyses the top 100 most influential Investment moves. It illuminates the key locations and drivers attracting top talent by breaking down demographic and sector trends.


This edition helps us get a deeper understanding of the Investment market, so our clients can make more informed and effective decisions.

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Improving gender balance has been a priority for financial services recruiters for many years, and progress has been made. However, there's more work to do, especially in areas such as Private Equity and Credit. That's why we're proud to sponsor Access Alternatives. We spoke to the inspirational Vivienne Machado, Founder. For the full article, click here.

Investment Professionals Edition
Featured Authors 

In April 2022, we were fortunate to speak with Yifat Oron, one of our featured Top 100 movers. Yifat is a top growth investor in the Israeli Tech market. In 2021 she moved to join Blackstone and set up Tel Aviv office, where she is now building a team. Yifat is empowering women to thrive in this sector. For the full article click here.

Focus on Inclusivity

We are acutely aware of the challenges that firms face around diversity. Last year, leading Private Equity

firms globally reports that between 40% and 65% of their hires were women or people from ethnic

minority backgrounds.

Across markets, the female candidate pool is proportionately much smaller than the male and gender

diversity at the senior level remains a crucial issue. Overall, 80% of movers were male, while 20% were

female. From a demographic perspective we explore this in further detail in the regional sections of

this report.


Finally, we dive into, why are people moving? 56% of Investment Professionals gained a promotions

when they moved, and a title promotion is a key reason many senior investors move, as it comes with

increased compensation and participation in carried interest.

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