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We pride ourselves on forging long-term relationships with candidates and helping them shape the career they want over time.  We listen, we care, and we exceed expectations every time.  

We are also proud of the relationships we develop with our clients – leading organisations around the world.  We understand their businesses, their aspirations, company and team cultures so are well placed to gauge cultural fit alongside other metrics.  

All this will give you a competitive advantage as you feel empowered to carefully construct a career path, work on your professional development and create the future you want.  

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We have an outstanding record of delivery.



Over 80% of our business comes from relationships we have built over the years 



Our market knowledge is second to none, in every market. 

Not quite ready to move yet?

You may be thinking longer term about your next move – not quite ready to make the leap but mulling over the future.  In this scenario, we can help you by being on hand to provide advice, market analysis and networking opportunities while you consider your next steps.   

Then, we offer you competitive advantage at every stage, with CV writing, interview advice and preparation and market insight to use at interview.  With our sound judgement and perspective, we help to align your expectations and provide you with valuable feedback.  

We can also advise on renumeration packages, and where yours sits in the market, so you can know your true value and get a package which reflects your worth.  


“I personally could not think of any better firm to work with. Wilkinson Partners demonstrated a professional approach to recruitment along with a complete understanding of my professional expertise.  They established an excellent level of trust with me and this is also evident in their relationship with the client which indicted the ethics and intergity of the firm. 


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